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DKSH Cambodia and Abbott Nutrition host “Abbott Kid’s Champion 2018”

Phnom Penh, June 1,10 and 20, 2018, DKSH Cambodia, supported by Abbott Nutrition International and in collaboration with Children Day hosts the event “Abbott Kid Champion 2018” at Kid City. There are many fun activities for parents with children from age two to six years along with product education on nutrition for children’s development. The Abbott Kid’s Champion 2018 offers enjoyable competitions, including drawing, circus performances, basketball, guessing games as well as talent and intelligence performances, in order to promote children’s physical and mental development. Children participating in the activities can win prizes and prestigious awards plus a nice photograph with a mascot. The event also provides parents with insights into the importance of child nutrition for mental and physical development. Similac Gain IQ and Similac Gain IQ Kid with Eye-Q PLUS are scientifically formulated products containing ten essential nutrients to support growth and brain development. Similac Total Comfort with “Tummi Care” system is an easy-to-digest super premium formula, which is gentle on tummies and formulated with Eye Q Plus system and Intelli-Pro to support brain and eye development for children. It is also good for reducing gassiness, fussiness spit-up, constipation and diarrhea. PediaSure is a complete and balanced nutrition supplement with 35 essential nutrients which promotes growth, weight gain and a healthy immune system and now comes with 25% less sugar (Pediasure Supersonic). Two servings per day suffice to see visible growth in just eight weeks.

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