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For child age from 1 -10 years old. For picky eaters.

As a parent, you want to provide your little one with the best support for healthy growth and development – physical, immunity and cognitive - to help him achieve his fullest potential. Making sure that he is well-nourished is certainly an important aspect. Children’s fussy eating behaviour may lead to nutritional gaps which could compromise their growth and development.

  • No. 1* choice of Paediatricians for picky eaters
  • No. 1# Worldwide Child Nutrition Supplement
  • Scientifically formulated for catch-up growth
  • Designed for optimal growth and development,  supported by 20 clinical studies2 

  • Triple Protein Complex (a special blend of high quality milk, whey & soy proteins); with taurine to support overall mental & physical development
  • Advanced Carbohydrate Blend with FOS, specially designed as a source of energy
  • Scientifically designed lipid profile with MCTs for better nutrient absorption

  • Complete nutrition with 34 important nutrients designed for catch-up growth and development
  • 25 essential vitamins and minerals3
  • AA, DHA to support brain & eye development

  • With Pre & Probiotics to help maintain a healthy digestive system

Tips For Dealing With Picky Eating: 

  • Avoid distractions while eating
  • Adopt a neutral attitude. Avoid excessive praise, criticism, stimulation and coercion.
  • Limit the duration of meals to 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Introduce novel food. Expose the child to new food one at a time. Try the new food up to 15 times before assuming it will not be taken.
  • Encourage independent feeding
  • Tolerate. Tolerate age-appropriate messiness when eating.
  • Talk to a health professional. Ask your doctor about what are the best options and if there are any underlying problems.

PediaSure Complete® Ready-to-Drink is ideal for out-of-home use!

  • Breakfast on-the-go supplement
  • School
  • Excursions
  • Family outings
  • Travel

** High in energy. In approximately 1000ml for children ages 1-3 years, 1050ml for children ages 4-8 years and 1500ml in children ages 9-13 years. ++Available in powder range only.

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