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Similac Mum Strawberry

for pregnant and breastfeeding mom

As a mother, you want only the best for your baby. This desire is birthed from the moment you begin to plan for your

pregnancy and will be the main motivation behind all the important parenting decisions you take - one of the first would

be getting the best nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding to support the growth and development of your precious little one.

Scientifically formulated to support the increased nutritional needs of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers without

excess calories, Similac Mum is a Healthier Choice low-fat maternal milk supplement that is now improved with a

combination of Natural RRR-Vitamin E, Lutein & DHA, prebiotic and 27 essential vitamins and minerals. Just 2 servings of

Similac Mum as a complement to your daily food intake will help provide the important nutrients for both your baby and you.

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