Milestones ahead

From the first moments after the birth of your child, you know your life will never be the same. Your child will change from week to week-even from day to day-as he begins to notice the world around him, and to interact with it. Get a head start, and know what to expect as your baby matures.

The Elementary School Years  

Changes you will begin to see in your 7 to 10-year-old

You've made it through diapers, through potty training, through preschool and learning to read - now your child is ready for more independence, homework, and friendships.
By age 10, your child is likely to show signs of:

  • Greater independence from parents and family
  • Stronger sense of right and wrong
  • Beginning awareness of the future
  • Growing understanding about one's place in the world
  • More attention to friendships and teamwork
  • Growing desire to be liked and accepted by friends
  • Rapid development of mental skills - continues to improve reading and writing
  • Greater ability to describe experiences and talk about thoughts and feelings
  • Less focus on one's self and more concern for others
  • Stronger, more complex friendships and peer relationships (greater importance on having friends of the same sex)
  • Experiencing more peer pressure
  • Becoming more independent from the family
  • Becoming more aware of his or her body as puberty approaches (be aware that image and eating problems sometimes start around this age)
  • Facing more academic challenges at school