(For 3 years onwards)

The preschool years (For 3 years onwards) are a busy time for the young children as they are both ready and eager to explore the world around them. Their daily schedules are often packed with lots of activities, which include play and learning.

Great nutrition is vital to support the continuing bone growth and brain development. Moreover it fuels their day-to-day activities and helps them to concentrate better.

Grow®, with ImmuniGrowTM nutients, offers a clear advantage over other types of milk as it delivers 100% of your child's daily calcium needs+. Plus it contains 26 vitamins and minerals which includes vital nutrients such as Vitamin D, Iron, DHA and Choline to support preschooler's daily nutritional needs. What's more, it's a healthier choice growing up milk that comes with a delicious taste that kids will surely enjoy!

Support your child's active mind and body, give him the GROW® advantage.
Because kids are busy too!

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Milk should remain an integral part of your child's diet, even as he or she gets older. This is because milk is a nutritious beverage; it is a rich source of calcium, vitamin D plus other nutrients such as protein and vitamin A. Growing-up milk such as Grow® offers a clear advantage over other types of milk (regular fresh milk or UHT milk). Scientifically formulated with ImmuniGrow nutrients, two glasses of Grow® deliver MORE with higher*calcium and vitamin D for strong bones and teeth, plus vital brain nutrients such as iron, DHA, Choline and Taurine for overall mental and physical development.#


2 glasses of healthier-choice 
 provide 100% of your child's daily calcium needs.

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GROW® contains 26 vitamins 
and minerals, including the 
key nutrients described in this diagram.